Palatine is a welcoming, small-town community located in upstate New York between Albany and Utica, anchored by the villages of Palatine Bridge and Nelliston. We are home to many local-run businesses and farms that help our community thrive. Our children attend Canajoharie and Fort Plain Central Schools, benefitting from vibrant communities of engaged parents and teachers, access to sports and recreational activities, and out-of-school activities such as theater and dance. Palatine’s multi-generational farming families are an essential part of the community and are being joined each year by a growing number of new small farmers and homesteaders interested in getting a start in local, sustainable agriculture. Palatine is also home to a large Amish community. A team of draft horses working the fields 3-abreast, children in hats and bonnets on their way to an Amish schoolhouse, and buggies headed into town are common sights woven into the fabric of the community. Some of the historic and well-known places throughout the Town of Palatine are: Big Nose Mountain, Christmans Corners, Cook Corners, Cranes Landing, Stone Arabia and East Stone Arabia, McKinley, Nelliston, Palatine Bridge, and Palatine Church.

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